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T-Varia Starter Set Engine Management

T-Varia Starter Set Engine Management

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The ideal system for getting to know the complex interaction of electrical and electronic automotive components in a practical way on original components: engine management basics - error-free, low-noise, emission-free.

The T-Varia Connect System Engine Management enables the fully functional operation of MPI, FSI and TDI motor controls by simply replacing the actuators on the system panel.

The engine control unit is error-free in every situation. It enables operation with individual components, and in this way a step-by-step build-up to the overall system.

  • Overview
  • Equipment
  •  T-Varia trolley in aluminium design (Art.-No. 11010020)
  •  T-Varia Engine Management Sensors (Art.-No. 11041050)
  •  T-Varia Engine Management Control Unit (Art.-No. 11042050)
  •  T-Varia Engine Management Drive Unit (Art.-No. 11043050)
  •  T-Varia Engine Management Actuators MPI (Art.-No. 11044050)
  •  Cable set, various lengths and colours, in safety version (Art.-No. 11035180)
  •  Power supply 3-15 V, 40 A (Art-No. 10138100)
  •   Extensive digital worksheets available for Electude e-learning system *
  • Recommended extensions
  •  T-Varia Engine Management Actuators FSI (Art.-No. 11044060)
  •  Digital work orders T-Varia Engine Management FSI (Art.-No. 11044062)
  •  T-Varia Engine Management Actuators TDI (Art.-No. 11044070)
  •  Digital work orders T-Varia Engine Management TDI (Art.-No. 11044072)

Recommended additional equipment

  • 11042052 - Digital work orders T-Varia Engine Management Sensors and Drive
  • 11044052 - Digital work orders T-Varia Engine Management MPI
  • 16062014 - Digital Multimeter Fluke 175
  • 16152040 - USB Oscilloscope - PicoScope 2-Channel Starter Set

Technical data

  • Power connection: 100-240 Volt AC / 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 740 x 1000 x 1900 mm
  • Weight: approx. 160 kg

* Note: The documentation and worksheets for this product are available in digital form only.

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