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E-Learning Server Package

Brand: THEPRA Electude
Product Code: 14080100
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Electude is the most comprehensive and effective automotive e-learning solution currently available. Electude allows students to learn about the complete vehicle, from bumper to bumper, and teaches them how to maintain and repair cars with interactive animations and simulations.

The content in Electude appears in modules. A module can contain a theory lesson but it could also include an educational computer simulation, a test, an interesting link or even a task sheet which you have developed. There are also modules for independent tasks of practical work on teaching systems or vehicles. In short, modules contain all of the elements which make up part of the curriculum. Multiple modules grouped together for a teaching objective are called a course.

  • 500+ modules today
  • New modules are added regularly
  • 4 Learning Levels: Level 1 Beginners to Level 4 Diagnostic Specialists
  • Comes with a predefined curriculum proposal that can be modified freely
  • Works everywhere: on tablets, smartphones and computers
  • Your own internet address for your e-learning server
  • Annual license fee per user

Types of Modules

Theory Lessons

All theory content units come with the system and allow you to set up your curriculum based on your time priorities and topics priorities.

Do-It-Yourself Lessons

Teachers, lecturers and trainers are able to make their own lessons and add them to the modules.

Practical Lessons

There is teaching eqipment available that comes with complete e-learning courses. Startig from basic measuring trainers to complete modified training cars. This allows students to work independently and guided.

Engine Management Simulator

The Simulator modules are part of the engine management simulator of Electude. Instructors are able to create thousands of fault-finding combinations. Read more

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