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Automotive Lockout-Tagout Trainer

Automotive Lockout-Tagout Trainer

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Safety when handling high-voltage vehicles. With this flexible system you are training safely different manufacturers methods.Virtually every car manufacturer has a high-voltage vehicle in the program today. Knowing the different manufacturer's instructions and methods is therefore essential.

Learning content

  • Recognize dangers on high-voltage components
  • Establish accident prevention regulations
  • Get to know the different manufacturer's instructions and methods
  • Security rules:
    • disconnect, secure against reconnection, ensure that there is no voltage
    • Criteria for the use of test equipment
    • Log steps
    • Detailed accompanying documentation with exercise sheets


  • Original service plug
  • Combine any:
    • 4 different manufacturers ways
    • 4 different time intervals
    • 4 indicators for battery voltages
  • 3 digital voltage displays
  • Training of safety precautions during maintenance work
  • No voltages above the low voltage range of 40V
  • Use as a desktop unit or in A4 frame


  • isolation gloves, digital voltage tester

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