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Pinbox System Orange

In this breakout system fault simulation and measuring box are separated. This allows up to 12 Pinboxes to be connected for measurement. There are two different fault switch boxes to choose from.

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Connection Adaptor (diverse)
Connection Adaptor between Control Unit and Cable Harness.Individual design according to control uni..
Interrupter box
Interrupter box
With firmly connected control unit adaptor or universal plug connectors. Lockable with a lid. Interr..
Pinbox with measuring sockets
Available for 100/150/200 channels. Up to 12 pin boxes can be connected at once 38 200 040 PIN-Bo..
Set of Pinbox cables 2 m long
To the pin boxes, 2 m long.According to the number of channels, 2 to 4 cables per pin box are requir..
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