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Measurement Equipment

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2000 A AC/DC current clamp
The current clamp is supplied with shrouded 4 mm (banana) plug type connectors so can not be plugged..
20:1 attenuator
The attentuator is a passive 20:1 attenuator. This means that a 20V signal at its input will appear ..
30 MHz Digital-Oscilloskope
Digital storage oscilloscope of the latest generation with LCD-color display, high resolution, backl..
6- Way Universal Breakout Leads, Set of 3
This set contains all three universal breakout leads with the flat plug sizes 1,5 mm, 2,3 mm and 2,8..
60 A AC/DC current clamp
This current clamp is ideal for use with a Pico automotive oscilloscope for measuring the current dr..
600A AC/DC current clamp
The 600A current clamp, ideal for use with a PicoScope oscilloscope for displaying starter current w..
A.C.E. Misfire Detective Complementary Kit
No more guessing what cylinder is chausing the problemAt times even theECM can’t detect the misfir..
Acupuncture probe set
First and foremost the acupuncture probe setis a back pinning probe. In fact, it's the smallest diam..
Adapter BNC to 4mm
The BNC to 4 mm adapter connects two 4 mm (“bananaâ€) plugs to a BNC socket..If you have a sensor ..
Automotive breakout lead
The break out lead enables voltage readings to be taken from the numerous sensors in the engine comp..
Automotive test lead 3m
The test lead has been custom made for automotive use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes..Its l..
Automotive test lead 5m
The test lead has been custom made for automotive use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes.. Its ..
CAN Test Box
The CAN Test Box is a diagnostic tool which connects to the 16 pins of a vehicle’s OBDII (On Board..
Coil On Plug Ignition Probe (COP)
The Coil-On-Plug (COP) ignition probe is the fastest way to check Coil-On-Plug ignition coils and sp..
Connecting Cable for COP Probes
Accessory for COP probes.Connecting cable with 2 rubber-insulated BNC plugs (male) for connecting th..
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