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Drive Train

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7-speed duplex clutch transmission (VW)
The 7-speed duplex clutch transmission by VW is a further development of the six-speed direct shift ..
Automatic sequential five speed transmission
-function of an automatic sequential transmission -shifting of the gears by hydraulic plungers -coup..
Automatic transmission (pressure-controlled)
p>The model shows how pressure variations in the intake manifold (i.e. load) act on the control pist..
Brake band of an automatic transmisson
-function of the brake-band plunger -function of the retracting spring -tensioning the brake band st..
Centrifugal clutch
-turning the driving crank sets the driving flange into motion -centrifugal force presses the flywei..
Centring of clutches
When the driving disk is replaced, it must be centred in the balance wheel at all costs..Demonstrati..
Clutch actuator
-function of the solenoid valves -function of the diaphragm and of the retractor spring -function of..
Clutch disk with torsional absorber
Purpose of the torsion-bar suspension. Task of the torsion springs. Mode of effect of the various t..
Clutch with pulled diaphragm spring
-characteristics of a pulled clutch in motion -releasing the clutch disk..
Coil spring clutch
-motion shown when pressure plate is lifted -releasing the clutch disk -the clutch play decreases wi..
Control of an automatic transmission
Principles of an automatic transmission. By actuating one lever in the model, a piston is moved and..
CVT-gearbox Nissan
Infinite transmission for rear-wheel driven cars, suitable up to 500 Nm. A roll is used for the for..
Diaphragm spring clutch
-motion shown when the pressure plate is lifted -releasing the clutch disk..
Direct shift transmission for motorbikes (Honda)
The mechanical six-speed transmission is divided into 2 separate transmissions with one clutch each,..
Double-cone synchronization
-moving the gearshift rod with gearshift fork and sliding sleeve -function of the shifting lock -fun..
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