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Chassis Technology

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Adjustable wishbone
principle of suspension and damping. compression changes track width and camber. camber and kingpin ..
Dynamic steering trapeze
The wheel at the outside of a curve has a larger steer angle (e.g. for sportscars)...
El. Power steering
The torsion rod is rotated by the steering wheel being turned..The signals from the transmitter for ..
Electronic damper control
-moving the shock-absorber piston -function of the valves (they open and close automatically) -adjus..
Electronically controlled hydraulic power steering
-turning the torsion bar -the valve pistons in motion -the solenoid valve in action -the working plu..
Fifth-wheel steering - axle-pivot steering
When both steerings are operated, the differing wheel base and the differing contact area can be cle..
Four-wheel steering
-it is possible to tilt all wheels to show the principle of a four-wheel steering -synchronized stee..
Homokinetic joint
ball joint: large inclination angle, without length compensation. pot joint: smaller inclination ang..
Hydropneumatic suspension
the diaphragm of the suspension element and the piston are moved by wheel compression and rebound. s..
Kingpin - inclination - castor
Left: adjustment and observation of various kingpin and inclination angles wheel compressionRight: a..
Kingpin offset
Right: positive, zero and negative kingpin offsetLeft: kingpin offset effect: positive: wheels steer..
Leaf spring (PC) with self-steering axle
When the wheel to the outside of the turn is compressed, the nature of the axle suspension means th..
Mc Pherson strut
compression changes track width and camber..
Multi-disk differential lock
Above all, four-wheel all-terrain vehicles now use electrically operated differential locks in the t..
Multi-link suspension
with a multi-link suspension, a unilateral brake force causes a torsion of the whole chassis auxil..
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