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Altitude sensor
With the help of a lever on which there is a cam, the altitude capsule can be spread and one sees h..
Auxiliary bypass valve
The additional air slide as a bypass. Function of the bimetal. Operation of the rotary valve. Regul..
Centrifugal advance device of a distributor
-function of the centrifugal weights -function of the retracting spring -ignition advance caused by ..
Charging a battery
-discharged battery; charging procedure; charged battery; discharging the battery -generator or cons..
Principle of a direct-current (DC) motor and a commutator.The magnetic field turns with the electro..
Digital measuring unit I
method of functioning of a digital measuring unit. control via a 7-character binary word. formation ..
Digital measuring unit II
Conversion of the binary number at the input of the decoder into a decimal number on the display. C..
Electric circuit (DC)
The model shows how the generator (electron pump) actuates the electrons in the wire. In the electr..
Idle-speed control
Task of the rotary actuator. Function of the rotary valve. Normal function, emergency operation func..
Ignition distributor
-opening and dwell angle can be read -change of the breaker-point gap -opening and dwell angle chang..
Impact horn
-magnetic field layout -armature stroke against iron coil core -resonator movement -CI interruption ..
Latching relay
-pulling the circuit armature -actuating the rocker switch -rocker switch in contact positions -swit..
Magneto ignition
-function of the contact breaker -function of the pole wheel with permanent magnets -magnetic field ..
Mechanical pretensioning device
-release of the pretensioning device by the sensor mass -release of the spring and pretensioning of ..
Ognition distributor with advanced and retarded ignition
In addition, the functions of advanced and retarded ignition can be shown and the interaction of bo..
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