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Drive Train

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5-Gear transmission
Function of the drive shaft, main shaft, countershaft and the reverse gear wheel..Set-up of a 5-gear..
ABC (active body control) suspension strut
Active suspension and attenuation system with hydraulic cylinder, helical spring and attenuator..Beh..
Adjustable differential
This differential has been prepared in such a way that both the crown wheel and the bevel gear are ..
Assembly of complete main shaft
A complete main shaft with drive shaft has been prepared so that it can be dismantled and assembled ..
Automatic sequential six-gear transmission (DB)
The automated, sequential six-gear transmission developed from the classical six-gear manual transm..
p>Design of a ball and socket joint (constant-velocity or homokinetic joint) Function of the balls ..
Ball-and-nut power steering
Possible demonstrations: steering gear in motion transmission ratio of gear set self-locking the bal..
Borg-Warner synchromesh
Main shaft stub, mounted on stands, for dismantling and assembly of two gears, including tool..A syn..
Clutch actuator
An electric motor drives a segment of a worm wheel via a worm..The worm wheel presses the release pi..
Clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder
-Function and interaction of the master cylinder and slave cylinder of a hydraulically-operated clut..
Clutch with adjustment for wear
As a result of the wear and tear on the driving disk, the position of the diaphragm spring alters, ..
Complete suspension strut with fishbone, drive shaft
Disk brake with brake disk Function of the suspension strut with spring and cut-away shock absorber ..
CVT automatic transmission with sliding articulated band
The complete power flow within the CVT automatic transmission can be observed: Input shaft, planeta..
Daimler 6-gear transmission
This new construction is an equal-axle three-shaft transmission with 6 forward and one synchronised ..
Daimler-Benz 7-gear automatic transmission
With the 5th generation of Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions, the following is achieved: high s..
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